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Meg, Cornish, NH 

David was a wonderful tour guide and very knowledgeable about the area. Having lived most of his life here he had many stories and history on the tip of his tongue. He answered all of our questions and was a very comfortable guide who provided clear and easy instructions from start to finish. David was excellent at making me feel comfortable with the bike and the terrain, making sure we knew of any challenges ahead before we encountered them and giving options to suit the comfort levels of the riders. I really needed a nice relaxing day in a beautiful neighborhood smelling the flowers and seeing the mountains in the distance, David provided that on a state of the art electric bike (which deserves a 5 star review as well!). Thank you David for helping us finish off the trip on such a positive note!

Jessica, Alameda, CA 

My 14 year old son and I did this bike tour on our last day in Seattle and it was by far our favorite experience! David is an articulate man that very carefully guides riders along the way to ensure safety is top priority. And he does this all while providing the most interactive story telling as we tour the neighborhoods. What an unexpected treat it was to meet David and get an in depth education on the surrounding landscapes. The bikes were really fun to ride too! Oh! It also rained a little during our tour, but David came prepared with extra rain gear for anyone that might have come unprepared. An all around great experience!

Des, Tampa, FL

David is the most knowledgeable and personable tour guide I have ever had. He is so amazing. I had such a good time and learned so much. The safety measures and tools that he provides are top-notch. Also, the bikes are next-level cool. They make the sightseeing experience that much better. I would definitely do this tour again. Stop strolling and book this amazing experience with David! 


This was our favorite experience in Seattle. David is so knowledgeable and it is a very relaxed and fun experience.
Helena, Fontana, CA
In every city I visit I always make an effort to book a bike tour. This tour in particular absolutely did not disappoint. My knowledge of the city of Seattle was limited, and throughout this tour I fell in love with what this wonderful city had to offer. We were guided through many beautiful places on the outskirts of the city that a normal tourist probably wouldn’t have the honor of seeing. As long as you pay attention to your guide’s instructions, you won’t have a problem operating the electric bike. Would highly recommend!
James, Alameda, CA
What a great tour. David was an excellent host. I liked that almost all the trip was on bike paths. Just perfect.
Valerie, Oakland, CA
What a fun and unique way to explore Seattle! We covered a lot of space and saw many points of interest without ever breaking a sweat. The e-bikes are a ton of fun and David is a great instructor if it’s your first time using them. As a Seattle native, he also knows a ton of interesting information about the history, ecology, and geography of the area and he peppers the whole experience with cool little tidbits. We also felt that he did a great job accommodating our comfort level with both the e-bikes and covid safety measures. This ended up being one of our favorite activities during our trip to Seattle, highly recommend.
Bob, Madison, WI
David was a wonderful guide to some iconic sites in Ballard and Fremont like the Ballard Locks and Gas Works Park. He gave clear instructions on how to operate the e-bikes and it was easy and fun riding the bike. There are headphones within the helmet so we could communicate while riding the bike. It was the highlight of my three days exploring Seattle.
Taylor, Hoffman Estates, IL
An outstanding tour with David, I could not recommend this more! It will likely be the highlight of my trip out to Seattle.
Beth & John, Westwood, MA
David was an amazingly friendly, informative, accommodating, flexible, and fun host. One of our family members has physical challenges, and he was so patient and kind, which gave her just the confidence she needed to come along. Also, we learned so much about the area! All 6 family members agreed the ride was a highlight of our visit to Seattle!